Sunday listening: Pride & Prejudice with Jamie Parker as Darcy

There is a new audio adaptation of this old time favourite in town; 3 parts, each about 1 hour long, available to listen to for a couple more weeks. And Mr Darcy is a favourite voice of mine 🙂

Episode 1 (Available for 19 more days)

Episode 2 (Available for 20 more days)

Episode 3 (Available for 21 more days)

There is also a tiny audio clip of the actors talking about dancing for radio 😉

and an image gallery from the recording should you want to know who’s who (click on the photos for the link to the full gallery):

DARCY: “There is not another woman in the room, whom it would not be a punishment for me to stand up with.” Joshua McGuire as Mr Bingley and Jamie Parker plays Darcy.

That’s my Sunday afternoon sorted then 😉 Enjoy!!!


Role       Contributor

Narrator               Amanda Root
Elizabeth Bennet       Pippa Nixon
Mrs Bennet        Samantha Spiro
Mr Bennet          David Troughton
Jane Bennet       Lydia Wilson
Lydia Bennet      Georgie Fuller
Kitty Bennet       Carys Eleri
Mary Bennet     Rosie Wyatt
Charlotte Lucas Michelle Terry
Mr Darcy              Jamie Parker
Mr Bingley          Joshua Maguire
Miss Bingley       Fenella Woolgar
Sir William Lucas      Sean Murray
Mr Denny            Arthur Hughes
Mr Wickham      Joel MacCormack
Director               Sally Avens
Adaptor               Charlotte Jones
Author  Jane Austen

Should you want it for keeps this new adaptation is available here.


15 thoughts on “Sunday listening: Pride & Prejudice with Jamie Parker as Darcy

    • yes i guess they just think audience impact but to be fair the BBC is the single most poor media organisation in the world in terms of marketing budget 🙂 every penny goes towards making stuff and hardly anything goes towards promoting what was made 😉


      • Jamie Parker, none the less! I love his prince Hal in Globe’s Henry IV part I and II. And Joel McCormack – Mr. Wickham has sucha a beautiful voice, I’ve heard him in a couple of radio dramas, playing Gawain in “The once and future king” and Boris Dubretzkoy in “War & Peace”. Thanks again! (and I have to read more carefully BBC Radio4 newsletter, I missed this!)

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        • ohh, somebody who appreciates the treasure of Jamie Parker like i do!! His Henry V was awesome! and he’s in High Society at the Old Vic soon, i’m going in May 🙂 And yes some more really nice voices in there too 🙂

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          • I “discovered” him in another radio drama, Hamlet and was… wow!!!! Then I’ve seen him in those globe plays (thanks to Digital Theatre), I’ve seen also The History Boys and I’m quite sure that his Henry V will be the souvenir I’ll buy next May in Globe’s gift shop 😀

            And he’s so funny in Twitter. I’m sorry for his disadventures with the British railways last winter, but I had so much fun reading those twits! 🙂

            Oh I had no more time (nor money :D) available for my London weekend, I sincerely hope to have the chance to see him live in the future.

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