Meeting Mr Thornton

placeholder πŸ™‚ Because yes, i just did, last night…

But unfortunately i have to work during the day and i managed to book myself solid in the evenings for the next 3 days. Sometimes i forget i’m not 20 anymore… Tonight Jamie Parker’s silken warm voice will sing from musicals at the Pheasantry, tomorrow night is Elektra press night at the Old Vic (first time back, glups.. apprehension!) and Thursday night i’m at the ROH watching Il barbiere di SivigliaΒ , which is one of my all time favourite operas and the cast is full of lovely young singers i’ve not heard before. Β All this will prevent me from continuing to watch North&South, but that is actually just right. I like to wait πŸ™‚ But fear not, i’ll try not to leave everyone hanging for the whole week, i just want to re-watch some scenes and let the impressions settle and i’ll spill.

Until soon then and sorry for the tease πŸ˜‰

screen cap, not mine, i’m sorry, pinched from hereΒ