OT : More fun questions (from Oscura)

I’m hoping you’ll get some new year post from me; a lot to say but not sure how much I’ll manage depending on how kitchen labours go tomorrow  😉 At least shopping was done today at -7C midday as I really want to avoid slipping and sliding on ice at -13C tomorrow! Picture me now at -20C at night with only fingers showing under the covers typing. Which is why maybe a lot of my answers will wear towards things that keep me warm 😀

Thanks Oscura for the fun questions and here go my answers:

  1. As an homage to my home state: What is your favorite dairy product (or non dairy version for the lactose intolerant/vegan)

Sooo many cheeses to chose from… I love hard ones, like manchego or cheddar, or blue ones as long as they don’t have things moving around in them, if you know what I mean (not planning to have a particular Sicilian variety EVER!). But what I miss most as it’s less frequent in the Uk is sweet, fresh cheese. So if I have to choose only 1 cheese of all the gazillion I tried and love than it has to be mozzarella di bufala! Heaven in a mouthful!

  1. Richard Armitage: Beard, Stubble, Freshly Shaven???

Anyhow, anytime, anywhere!.. erm.. wait, that was maybe not exactly the question 😉 Probably beard as this is how I got to know him, though maybe the more contemporary version, don’t mind long like the Proctor one, but I like to see more of that throat 😉

I wonder about the clean shaven look, maybe I’ll see it one day. Stubble looks good, but I bet he already has some at the end of a day he’s shaven in the morning and I wouldn’t go near that, whereas the beard is intriguing 😉

  1. For the writers and readers…how do you take your fan fiction? Sweet and fluffy, hot and spicy or all points in between?

Plotty, with healthy doses of spice 😉 I like a bit of suspense and not knowing what will come next and then the spicy bits are more enjoyable too.

  1. If you could live anywhere in the world (supporting yourself being a given) where would you choose? Why?

Edinburgh if it had London theatres 😉 But since it doesn’t, London is actually my dream place and every day I live there it becomes more so. But I wouldn’t mind if I should become filthy rich to have second homes in Edinburgh and Barcelona, they come in as close 2nds 🙂

  1. What is your favorite artistic genre (medium?)…Favorite piece therein?

Music with human voice, with a preference probably to male voices of the darker variety (see for more music choice previous post

  1. What film remake would you really love to see Richard Armitage star in?

Hmmm… Casablanca and Rebecca come to mind, and a new filmed version of Proust’s’ À la recherche du temps perdu’….

Any would be fascinating I think, but sitting through Tristan and Isolde recently I couldn’t help thinking that I would love to see a contemporary film version of it with Richard as Tristan!

  1. What’s your favorite way to spend an unexpected free day?

Sitting through a Royal Opera House opera rehearsal and then seeing an opera/theatre in the evening 🙂 It’s what I tend to take days off for if I can or, if nothing booked or tempting, in bed with a good book, since just being lazy seems to be a luxury we are no longer abler to afford these days.

  1. Richard Armitage recently tweeted that eating (cheesy potato dish I can’t remember the name of at the moment) will change your life. What is your life changing food?

I love all food and the more varied the better, I often feel so spoiled and privileged to be able to try different cuisines. I think the one food i would have never thought I’d get to eat and the one which has surprised me from the get go in terms of just how much I enjoy it is really good sushi. I grew up eating hardly any fish at all and the sweet water fish I tried I didn’t much like, so discovering I adore raw fish was quite something. And it is the one food type I love which doesn’t make me feel guilty when I eat it, added bonus 🙂

  1. Beer, wine or “I never touch the stuff” ?

Don’t drink much, essentially only when I go out for a meal and I tend to stick to 1 glass most of the times, so it sort of matters what I drink. I used to only like wine but then I worked for a brewery and learned about beer! And there is nothing quite like a strong rich Belgian beer 🙂

But a good fruity wine can be just as heavenly, and so is a cup of really good cider. And everyone should try some really good single malt Scottish whisky! As said, it’s not about the alcohol, which is why it is never about quantity, it is all about the taste 🙂

  1. What is your guiltiest guilty pleasure (outside of fandom…I’m not sure I want to classify that as a *guilty* pleasure 🙂 )

You mean besides cream and alcohol laden Austrian cakes, preferably with chocolate and sour cherries or coffee? Or very dark chocolate pralines filled with cherries and cherry liqueur?Or Mozartkugeln? But I don’t feel nearly as guilty about those as I should, as I don’t get to have them nearly enough to do much sinning…

Of the non-edible kind, well it would have to be musical and his name as mentioned in the previous post linked above is David Bustamante 😀 Having said that, the judgement would be more in the minds of the people around me maybe, you’re not really supposed to like classical music AND fun pop! And definitely not pop if it comes looking like that 😉 But I know differently:-D Still, he won’t be gracing my screen wallpaper at work anytime soon 😉

  1. What musical instruments do you play? (Kazoo *is* an instrument!)

Well I used to play accordion when I was small and I had a bit of a bash at the piano, I still remember basics but I’m afraid my love of music does not extend to any talents other than singing in choir in school. But I’m happy to let others do the doing as long as I can do the listening 🙂

Homework done!