The universe is beautiful :-)

And i wish i was still in Scotland, which is where the best view of the eclipse was today on a truly stunning morning:

Sky looking clear for #eclipse2015 watchers on Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh.

and then the universe put on the show 🙂

Roy Henderson photographed this detail from Falkirk.

George Chalmers captured this image over Alloa.

and finally, it’s not an eerie night it’s 9,30 am 🙂

Colin Lawrie captured this stunning image.

Can’t wait to be back in Scotland in June!

And for geeks like me who love eclipses and all things universe, tonight at 9pm on BBC TWO in ep 3 of Stargazing ‘Brian Cox and Dara O Briain host their final night of stargazing from Jodrell Bank Observatory where, following the day’s extraordinary events, they have exclusive images from the solar eclipse. Brian also reveals the latest discoveries and solar secrets of our nearest star’. Click on the photo for link to the program on Iplayer:

Brian and Dara (the professor and the comedian)

PS and in other news it’s been an absolute hell of slavery this week, but at least it is coming to an end (to be continued on Monday of course…) But, i just needed a little pick me up this morning, so i finally decided to change my desktop image to this:

because there are many beautiful things in the universe ;-)

because there are many beautiful things in the universe 😉

enjoy your Friday!

13 thoughts on “The universe is beautiful :-)

    • yes, Brian is amazing, love him and Dara looove science, they make a great team! really looking forward to this tonight 🙂 And i have a song evening tomorrow at Wigmore and a ballet gala on Sunday so it will be a good weekend 🙂 Hope yours is too!! xx

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  1. Wow, great images! Among the wonders of the universe, I’d have to say that last “double exposure” is quite stunning. I love the look on his face, as though he’s not posing for anything, just quietly contemplating something.

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    • 🙂 i debated whether i was debasing science with such frivolous thoughts 😉 but then i went for it, it’s my blog so these are all things i like, physics and humans 😀
      I have few pics on my laptop as had to clean it out and i’m done with Thorin for now and i love photography, so sometimes a photo appeals to me for various reasons. I trolled through all last night and i kept coming back to this one, i was utterly drawn to it, the double image, his expression. It makes me happy to look at it 🙂 And i think with that little smile he’s at his power-wattsy best (that even a word? ah never mind …) !

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    • ja leider hier in London auch 😦 es fing so grau und uberdeckt an dass man nur bisschen merkte as es etwas dunkler wurde, schade… also freue ich mich es heute Abend im Fernsehen zu sehen. Schade dass es live nicht ging weder fur uns hier noch bei dir :-(((


  2. Bei mir wars komplett sonnig. Habe etwa 5-9 Blicke riskiert und den Rest vorm Rechner verfolgt. Der Livestream bei uns Im Ersten war komplett für die Füsse, da der Himmel dort total wolkig war. Ich denke, das war irgendwo in Skandinavien. Und dann wurde es dort doch tatsächlich richtig dunkel. Ha, Naturschauspiele haben immer sowas ursprüngliches 🙂
    Ach so, schöner neue Bildschirmschoner 😀

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    • ja die im Norden hatten echt Gluck, wieso es auch so schon in Scotland wurde 🙂 Ich war in der Arbeit also wenig Zeit, hole es nach, die BBC hatte Bilder aus einem Flugzeug uber den Wolken usw sah toll aus 🙂 echt cool sowas zu sehen, und ja Naturschauspiele die wirklich beeindrucken konnen 🙂
      danke, ich mag den Schoner auch :-))) Hatte gestern fast ein einsames Fotos gepostet so dringend brauchte ich es, war aber dann zu mude um noch ins Internet zu gehen. Habe mir dafur 2x Guy angesehen 😀


  3. The eclipse was the usual anti-climax for me – Dublin kind of turned slightly yellow for a few minutes, and that was it. In truth – the reason why those pics up there look so dark, is that they are photographed against the light. Not to diminish their beauty – they are stunning!!! (And maybe I am ungraciously jealous…) So my vote goes for the last picture in your post. And it reminds me of what fellow RA-fan Abby once said after some conversation event she attended: “I couldn’t look at him. It was like staring at the sun.” There – we always find a way to come back to *him* 😉

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    • IKR? LOL i think i was maybe more mesmerised with the photos than the event as it was totally anti-climactic here with totally covered grey skies! Guess what, sun shining brightly now, grr, but not really grr, always grateful for sunshine 🙂
      And yesssss… you know what, i experienced the same at the conversation, i was thankful that i was sat way to his right and got him almost in full profile so i didn’t have to look straight at him into his eyes and such.. glups! No problem staring at him in profile. Hm…. i do seem to prefer the same in pictures, i chose this one after all. I just feel more comfortable swooning when he doesn’t look straight at me 😀 I love this particular pic, did you ooof it by the way?;-))))))
      I’ve been thirsting after a pic of him a lot lately, i was literally just going to post a pic for the sake of it, but i don’t know where i put my small folder of favourites, so made do with what i had. there is a Dunn recent semi profile i liked too, but this i liked more. (that was b/w) So, yeah when there is no sunshine we can always get the heat to sustain us from RA LOL

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