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  1. Hi Hariclea, was hoping to get in touch with you via email- you should have my details since I’m following you. Would you mind emailing me so I could ask you something?
    Thanks, KatharineD


  2. Hello Hariclea dear! Like Perry above, I am here to wish you a wonderful D-day! A year ago, eh? And boy, you didn’t even cop on at first that you were seeing a very special man!!! *tuttuttut* Ok, well, I won’t revoke your membership (cos I made the same gaffe re. RA, albeit when watching N&S)… But I am challenging you to write us a little post with your memories 😉 xxx

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    • i will, it has just been a difficult few days and i am still knackered. It was the first thing i thought of when i woke up yesterday, but it all went to pots after that. But hey, i won’t let RL spoil things, after all i consider it just the beginning of celebrations, after all the C experience lasted live 2 months and much more after it. Yesterday wasn’t the day and it is not today either unfortunately and may not be at weekend either as more commitments but R was all i had on my mind for the better part of last week, sort of in anticipation and i’ll get back to it as soon as RL allows it 🙂 And i will post something, no idea what yet without repeating myself. But my hell of a calendar is telling me that i have nothing planned for the weekend of the 1st of August and therefore i definitely plan to indulge myself 🙂


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