May 2022 bring better things to all

Watch “Winter Solstice Sunrise 2021 LIVE from Stonehenge” on YouTube

I’m not really feeling it. 2020 and 2021 have been fast, hard with nothing to show for it. I know this is not typical new year content, but on the day the beautiful sunrise, just like thousands of years ago brought a feeling of peace, connection across time and a feeling of timelessness beyond daily or yearly troubles.

Because it felt like the inevitable and reassuring start of a new cycle I wanted to share this feeling with you today.

May 2022 bring you at least some of what you wish for!

Thank you for reading and for every single thought my way during these years. I am forever grateful.


7 thoughts on “May 2022 bring better things to all

  1. Let’s hope it really is a new cycle.

    (I actually often find it consoling to think that even a thousand years ago, those people shared many of our same problems and still found solutions to them, somehow.)

    I wish you all the best for a joyous, liberating 2022.


    • Yes, humanity or rather humans do seem to share things across time, sometimes more than we think. I find it reassuring too or rather it gives a feeling of being part of some continuous if not endless flow

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