Green Space Dark Skies

We all need a bit of beauty sometimes…. Get a cup of tea or coffee, sit back and relax for 30 minutes:

Oct 31, 2022

Green Space Dark Skies has journeyed across the UK from North Ronaldsay to Exmoor, from Giant’s Causeway to the Brecon Beacons, creating artworks in 16 stunning locations throughout the summer.

In September thousands of Lumenators travelled to the four highest mountains in the UK: Scafell Pike in England, Ben Nevis in Scotland, Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon) in Wales and Slieve Donard in Northern Ireland to create the Green Space Dark Skies Finale film.

Watch their short film today to experience the event for yourself. Plus, for the full #GreenSpaceDarkSkies experience, including films, music, poetry, memories from our Lumenators and more visit

Want to know more about #GreenSpaceDarkSkies and how you can get involved? Follow our journey… #GreenSpaceDarkSkies

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Watch the event film from the Gower Peninsula in Wales

Watch the film from the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland

Watch the film from Peak District National Park in Derbyshire, England

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is hopefully somewhere peaceful, maybe with my mum... 

We listened to Franco and Luciano in the past months.

I remember watching this concert with my parents several times. It's the combination of voice and feeling that always made them so touching i think. 

And he loved listening to her...

Sharing opera performances are probably some of my nicest memories and happiest past times. Maybe, hopefully in time they will be most of my memories. 


Going down the drain. Great start into the new year. Had blood tests to confirm I’m still OK for my thyroid meds and found out I now have high cholesterol πŸ˜’

Just one more of the many things I did not have a year ago. Not surprised. Just depressed to find out my health is indeed taking a battering. And guess what, it takes lifestyle changes to improve things. Fat (sic!) chance.

No idea where I go from here.

May 2022 bring better things to all

Watch “Winter Solstice Sunrise 2021 LIVE from Stonehenge” on YouTube

I’m not really feeling it. 2020 and 2021 have been fast, hard with nothing to show for it. I know this is not typical new year content, but on the day the beautiful sunrise, just like thousands of years ago brought a feeling of peace, connection across time and a feeling of timelessness beyond daily or yearly troubles.

Because it felt like the inevitable and reassuring start of a new cycle I wanted to share this feeling with you today.

May 2022 bring you at least some of what you wish for!

Thank you for reading and for every single thought my way during these years. I am forever grateful.

A thought from time to time…

Hi there,

not sure if anyone is dropping by at all at this stage, understandably. There is much i would like to write about, especially since there is so much i think about and so little i can do. So, i’m trying to maybe revive the blog a bit, sharing thoughts here and there, as and when i have time. I’m mainly trying to remember things i am fond of, things that mattered or that were pleasant distractions. Sometimes it’s just an image or music that prompt memories or things that make me wistful. I’ve aged a lot and i feel very old, but it also seems somehow odd.. to see people you have followed or known for years also get older.

For today, i bumped into Alejandro Sanz’ recent release and wanted to share it with you. I still love his voice and he may be older, but he’s still… Alejando Sanz πŸ™‚ The song is called Bio and he talks about himself and his life, it’s somehow very touching in its simplicity.

Have a lovely weekend,