Glimmer of light

@Ed Sheeran and @Elton John perform ‘Merry Christmas’ on The One Show 🤩🎄 BBC #BBC #TheOneShow #BBCiPlayer

I think many of us need us need a glimmer of light in these times and in our lives in general. At least i know i do. So instead of talking about endless loneliness, exhaustion, isolation which is weighing me down with no end in sight, i’ll give you the one thing which made me smile for 5 mins the other day. They said they wanted to write a sort of classic hit for Xmas, have thrown everything and the kitchen sink at it and they may have succeeded. It’s catchy and enjoyable.

Not sure everyone can watch the above which was live yesterday in the BBC studio, so i’ll leave you with the official video too. Go Elton, go Ed! And thanks for the tune!

Ed Sheeran & Elton John – Merry Christmas [Official Video]


9 thoughts on “Glimmer of light

  1. Hari, thank you so much for sharing this. Indeed a smile for a moment is worth more than all the gold in Erebor right now.
    Wishing better days ahead for you and all of us. xx

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    • Thank you, feels like it’s been so long I had something to share that would cheer people up or make them smile. It’s nice to find something. Elton is just great and the more Ed Sheeran crosses my path by coincidence the more I’m convinced he’s a good egg. You know, like Mr A 😏 category nice humans


  2. As a member of the “Rocket Club,” I received one of Elton’s personal emails about that the day it came out (LOL). I agree with you — it seems like a good song for the moment.

    Thanks for all your good thoughts over the years. I think of you often, and I am wishing you lots of glimmers right now especially.

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    • So late in replies, sorry. Yes, I thought you might have it already. Elton sounded great on the BBC live version and I thought of you and that he might just be cool for those concerts yet 😀
      And thank you, a lot. I constantly wonder what life is for and about, weird carousel in brain. Maybe I will ask these things in writing after holidays if I get a chance, feels like I’ve lost any answers I ever had.

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