Going down the drain. Great start into the new year. Had blood tests to confirm I’m still OK for my thyroid meds and found out I now have high cholesterol šŸ˜’

Just one more of the many things I did not have a year ago. Not surprised. Just depressed to find out my health is indeed taking a battering. And guess what, it takes lifestyle changes to improve things. Fat (sic!) chance.

No idea where I go from here.


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  1. I’m sorry.

    The first thing you do is grieve. Take a few days.

    And then you follow your doctor’s orders. If it’s a low carb diet, I can point you to great low-carb recipes. If it’s meds, take your meds. If your doctor says to exercise, then you exercise. Follow instructions.

    You are greatly loved. Please take care of yourself.

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    • Thank you for your support. The problem is I live as a carer and my life is ruled by it, this is just one of the many consequences. What I need does not fit anywhere in my life. I will need to think, but what I don’t have is more time or energy and I can’t have my life back, the one where I was able to do the things that kept me healthy. There is no going back to it.

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      • You need to be cared for and you need to take time for yourself. Find a way and do it. You’re no earthly good to the person you’re caring for if you let yourself go downhill.


  2. I can guess what you’re feeling / thinking right now about your situation, and all I can say is that I sympathize deeply. I never found a way out, either, until it found me. I am sending you all the positive thoughts I’ve got. Does the UK have virtual support groups for caregivers? That didn’t solve any of my actual problems, but it was a way to unload for half an hour.

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    • That is very likely one thing I need to seek out, some professional support of the talking kind to help with giving me reasons to keep going beyond having no choice but too. And getting properly registered as a carer too, adds to the to do list but I really need to address these 2 things sooner rather than later, you’re totally right


  3. I’m so sorry! I really hope you can find a way to deal with this and take care of yourself. Try taking it one small task/step at a time. (((Hugs)))


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