Jason Bell – exhibition – Give up clothes for good

This is just of a tale in images from a drizzly Saturday afternoon ( posted here in more detail as WP is not photo-happy)

Pretty drizzly London afternoon…

Nice space, very poor lighting unfortunately where i saw more of my own reflection on the subjects in the photos..

The Opera Arcade was pretty deserted, though full of pretty things..

and this was my funky carriage, courtesy of London public transport 😉

Here are some of the exhibited photos i managed to find online, all Jason Bell! Sadly the ones i liked most i can’t find online 😦

The missing Benedict photo

Kate Winslet

Jerry Hall

loved this one due to the wood background, unusual colour for a background but works wonders with her blue dress and this is Jason Bell 🙂

Hugh Bonneville in one of my favourite images from the exhibitions, notice how cleverly the let’s beat kids cancer is inserted

also liked this interesting perspective of Elijah Wood! (never mind the nails, look at the eyes!)

Liam Neeson in the set of  4 that i loved most

Internet tells me this is Charlie Hunnam ( sorry i had no clue)… but it’s in the 4 i really liked (how does one make specs of hair appear golden in black and white? fascinating that small detail)