Richard III – The Answers

I love historical stuff and it’s all been about Richard III round here lately. I was deeply dissatisfied with the broadcast i saw so i’d much rather read some more on historical facts. This is interesting although some interpretations may still have some bias. But it is much better than any of the gossipy stuff i’ve read in papers or seen on telly these days 🙂

For information on what Richard III achieved in his very short reign this is a great read. It is also good to remember that in those days you had to physically fight to hold on to your throne. In many cases it probably was ”kill or be killed”, even if this was not necessarily an every day threat, it was something any king was confronted with during his lifetime.

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There are a glut of articles saturating the press at the moment posing some pretty unpleasant questions about Richard III. Maybe it’s time for some answers. We are constantly asked why we are celebrating a child-killing tyrant, or what Richard III ever did for us. Sadly many of the articles cannot answer their own questions because their content demonstrates such a fundamental lack of understanding of the real issues.

Richard III has divided opinion for over 500 years and shows no sign of ceasing to do so as he is laid to rest for the second time in his long and eventful after-life. The Richard III Society exists to promote the re-examination of Richard III and his times. Contrary to the popular impression, most Ricardians are not the ‘loons’ David Starkey sees or any of the other names bandied about, none of which are complementary and all of which are…

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