The Hobbit BOTFA Premiere – Part 3: Collateral Cumberbatch

Batchy’s visit to the dark corner of the London green carpet 😉 Nice elegant gentleman!

Guylty Pleasure

Not quite true that – I have never really considered Benedict Cumberbatch a collateral attraction or a side dish. I am strictly “mono” when it comes to my fangirling. Second commandment of the fangirling decalogue:

  • I am the Armitage thy OOA (object of affection)
  • Thou shalt have no other OOAs
  • As many graven images or likenesses as you can
  • Thou shalt not take the Armitage’s name in vain
  • Remember the Guy day
  • Honour thy blog and thy twitter
  • Thou shalt not edit
  • Thou shalt not commit stalkery
  • Thou shalt not steal other fans’ images
  • Thou shalt not bear gossip
  • Thou shalt not covet any more than my benign tolerance

*coughs* Forgive me Armitage, for I have sinned. I have taken many images of another. But I have done so because thou didst not grace me with thy presence…

And because other fans are polytheistic when it comes to their fangirling…

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