SpReAd the Love Give Back Week Three Winner…

(Click on the image above to lend a hand to our ‘love-speading’ a million times better than butter  😉 )

Well, how about this!!!!! a week for of kittens, reports, meetings and re-writes, stress, Xmas shopping lists that give me nightmares, quite a few sleepless nights, confusing leading to all kinds of mistake purchases… leading to this!! Lucas North around my neck 🙂
Big thank you to Oscura for making this beautiful piece ❤ it’s a memento of both the subject but also at least as much of his wonderfully kind and big hearted fans 🙂 ❤

SpReAd The Love

Bap ba-ba ba-ba-ba-baaaaa! Bap ba-ba ba-ba-ba-baaaaa!

The winner of the Lucas Locket is….Hariclea!!  Congratulations!!  Drop me an email at ancientarmitage@gmail.com with all your mailing details. 😀


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Some new Hobbit promo pics arrive

More updates 😉 the beard-hiding photo! Now this i like eye plus hand aaaaand double breasted vest, niiice 🙂

Update – Mr Invincible, skateboarding 🙂 (explanation to pic below)

I know somebody who will love the hands, i do too! 🙂

SpReAd The Love Gives Back Week 2: Guy of Gisborne

ahhhh, now one has to be very very good to deserve such a prize! 🙂

SpReAd The Love

It’s been a crazy week here so I’m a lot later getting this up than I wanted but I wanted to give you all a look at this week’s prize.

Multi-strand bracelet that does say Guy of Gisborne in there somewhere. Multi-strand bracelet that does say Guy of Gisborne in there somewhere.

What makes this Guy-related is the text on the paper beads, verses I – XXXIX of “Robin Hood and Guy of Gisborne” from The Oxford Book of Ballads (Arthur Quiller-Couch, ed., 1910) which you can find here.

While all of the beads are strung there’s no clasp on it yet. When we choose a winner tomorrow that person is going to need to measure their wrist and then email me the size they come up with (I’ll give you directions if you need them so it isn’t too tight). We have just over 24 hours left for this giveaway so if this is the one you want comment with a kindness below or…

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North & South 10 year anniversary joy

But new for me 🙂 It’s been less than 2 weeks since i’ve first seen it and currently on 2nd viewing. Much to say and think about it, but seeing this made me very sentimental.

It’s a wonderful movie, but i’m happy it was made also because it captured the artistry of an actor that i would only get to know 10 years later; i think without John Thornton i would have probably never met John Proctor as i did.

Thank you N&S and everyone who contributed to it for giving Thornton to Richard Armitage and giving years later Richard Armitage to me 🙂

PS listen to Rich and please do as he says 🙂

A View from the Bridge heads to the West End

must see!

Young Vic Theatre blog

A View From The Bridge - West End Mark Strong as Eddie Carbone in A View from the Bridge.

We are pleased to announce the West End transfer of A View from the Bridge  with an incredible cast led by Mark Strong. Running for 8 weeks only, don’t miss this “magnetic, electrifying, astonishingly bold” production which sold out before it even opened at the Young Vic last spring.

Arthur Miller confronts the American dream in this dark and passionate tale. In Brooklyn, longshoreman Eddie Carbone welcomes his Sicilian cousins to the land of freedom. But when one of them falls for his beautiful niece, they discover that freedom comes at a price. Eddie’s jealous mistrust exposes a deep, unspeakable secret – one that drives him to commit the ultimate betrayal.
Take a look at the gripping trailer below:

Take a look at the stunning reviews A View from the Bridge received earlier this year during its run at…

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