RA Pocket Shrine 50/? – Sealed with a Kiss

Now this is for a special kindness 🙂 Spread some care and love and tell us about it here: http://spreadthelovera.wordpress.com/2014/12/09/spread-the-love-gives-back-week-5-oh-porter/
and you could be… kissed 🙂

Guylty Pleasure

You may have already seen it, but good ideas can’t be promoted often enough. I am delighted to do my own little bit for our RA fandom Spread The Love – and have donated my milestone (i.e. 50th) shrine to the initiative. If a kindness was done to you, or you have done a kindness to someone else, you are in the raffle. Just hop over to the STL-post and report your kindness there. Details on the post.

And here is what you could be winning – a Porter RAPS, sealed with a kiss from RA 😉

Porter RAPS (3 of 7)

Shiny on the outside. Simple, discreet – and dimpled. Sorry, the hammer slipped when I hammered the little holes into the lid… Think of it as the little mole that hides in the stubble underneath the jaw on Richard’s neck. A unique imperfection that is there to set off the perfection…*ahem* As…

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Richard Armitage interview footage LA premiere here

and this was the man himself 🙂

Thanks for fab TORN for the live stream and the fun questions and letting us share the joy! Thanks to jolly for capturing this so we can all re-watch 🙂 And to Serv for multitasking with lightning speed like no other! Can’t wait to sit down and take it all in at my .. snail’s pace 😉