Weather and skylines

Was swimming through dark, wet London last night around 7pm on way to Royal Opera House Manon ballet (more on that tonight as it was all worth getting really wet)

Trafalgar square, not that you could tell..

But what i didn’t get a chance to share is last Saturday’s heavenly weather, around the same time of day it was a balmy, warm indian summer evening.

I spent a very peaceful half an hour just looking at the sunset

I love looking at the hustle and bustle, but from a few steps away 😉

This skyline is one of my favourites in London

I like how big London is and how old-townish, with few buildings crowding the sky. In fact you don’t have to be very high up to look over rooftops and enjoy a sunset or a plane gracefully crossing it.

(click photos to enlarge, i usually upload them on my tumbler as WP not so photo friendly)