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Check out the Thorin project here 🙂 and get your quotes in! Brilliant idea!!

Nowhere in Particular RA

Hello all! I’ve been thinking… (my husband dreads hearing that sentence from me, LOL!) so I thought out loud to Guylty, because that’s what friends do (listen politely to each other’s insane ramblings). instead of running away though, she actually took my thoughts seriously! not only that but she built upon them, and after a few e-mails back and forth, a legitimate idea was formed between us. We’d like to share that idea with you today.


the end of an era is nearly upon us. The premiere of the final installment of the Hobbit trilogy is only two and a half months away. Most of us are looking forward to it with one eye laughing, and one eye crying. Another film with Mr A in it, that is surely a reason to be happy! But at the same time, we can anticipate not only Thorin’s fate in the film…

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Mr Thornton or the resolution defeated

If i wasn’t actually up at this ridiculous time of night preparing for work meetings tomorrow and doing all sorts of planning stuff i’d be up writing about North & South. But what actually happened is that instead of doing work this afternoon i gave into temptation and watched episode 2…. and then i totally caved and thought i’d only watch 5 minutes of episode 3 and then turn it off.

So much for my well planned out resolutions.. 12,30am i was just finishing it, including interview extra. All those wonderfully planned out strategies about how to draw out the watching… out the window they went!

Being this bad means however than once done with preping the early meetings i will actually have to go to bed.

I blame it all on that proposal scene!!!

So just a few quick thoughts for now ( i haven’t even taken the DVD out of the player and i did actually watch that proposal scene 3 times!.. yes, that’s how bad i really was)

All wonderful caps from RichardArmitagenet (thanks for providing the very necessary quick fix for this late hour :))

Utterly shocking way to meet the man! I think i was as frightened and as appalled as Margaret herself! Although i did actually see it coming when i saw the man with a pipe, just didn’t expect the physicality of it. Will have to come back on all the reasons why this was so startling. But why it also was a revelation and went against all my expectations in a good way 🙂

I so didn’t see that proposal coming! i mean i got it once his mum put it so bluntly, but it seemed so far fetched and you just knew how wrong this was going to go… from strike to passion in a stone’s throw, literally 😉 How out of depth she was with his passion, she didn’t even listen to what he was saying. I struggled with his Northern accent in this (as good an excuse as any for watching it 3 times ;-))

you have only 1 guess as to what i was doing watching this…and that’s all i’ll say about it for now.

Where the hell were you Margaret?????


But this is not all i enjoyed, i liked the stories and felt as torn as probably many between the striking workers and Thornton and there are many characters i liked. There was lots of death and suffering, a lot of superficiality and though some conflicts seem to have been resolved too easily or too quickly i do feel it took a realistic stab on representing the times and lives of people in those times (even if somewhat glossed over).