A thought from time to time…

Hi there,

not sure if anyone is dropping by at all at this stage, understandably. There is much i would like to write about, especially since there is so much i think about and so little i can do. So, i’m trying to maybe revive the blog a bit, sharing thoughts here and there, as and when i have time. I’m mainly trying to remember things i am fond of, things that mattered or that were pleasant distractions. Sometimes it’s just an image or music that prompt memories or things that make me wistful. I’ve aged a lot and i feel very old, but it also seems somehow odd.. to see people you have followed or known for years also get older.

For today, i bumped into Alejandro Sanz’ recent release and wanted to share it with you. I still love his voice and he may be older, but he’s still… Alejando Sanz 🙂 The song is called Bio and he talks about himself and his life, it’s somehow very touching in its simplicity.

Have a lovely weekend,


3 thoughts on “A thought from time to time…

  1. Took me a few days to finally comment, but yes, of course still reading. Sorry to hear that you are feeling drained and aged. (This whole pandemic has aged all of us, I feel.) But yes, maybe the blog is a way of recalibrating by writing about the things that delight you? Are you able to go back to theatre now? Sending lots of love!


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