Violence and hate are never a solution

It’s hard to find other words than sadness in the light of recent events and even more in the light of reactions linked to these events.¬†Aside from the sad fact that people only seem to be shocked and moved when tragedy strikes nearby there is so much violence in instinctive reactions expressed it is frightening.

Does humanity ever learn? It would not seem so … Why are we so driven by hatred and violence?

Great minds across history have always re-enforced the fact that this is never a solution, there are never any positive consequences to hatred or violence. So why do we always go back to them?

Why do we think a bomb, a killing is ever the solution? What does any of it achieve other than more suffering and more hatred?

Why can’t we live in peace next to each other and with each other? Why does it always have to be at the expense of others? Why do we always think in terms of exclusions, differences, punishments?

There is no gain in violence, none whatsoever which matters long term. Feeling sad for all those who have lost loved ones, be it to a bullet or a bomb, be it to a pointless life of hate and violence.

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