A good way to end the year ☺
Not with anything about myself but with a gorgeous reminder of things that make life beautiful – ballet and art in general.
This once again unites photography and my favourite dancers in images which surprise and awe me and make me feel grateful for the humanity and creativity in people around me. And grateful for living in London and being privileged to have art like this in my life.
May the new year bring you all many special moments to touch, elate and enrich you.
‘Frieden, Liebe & Schokolade’ to all 😘

Gallery: Portraits of Royal Ballet dancers by photographer Rick Guest –


Merry Christmas everyone!


Hope you can all enjoy some festive cheer these days and wishing everyone some peace and good things for the new year!

I meant to write a thank you post but since time is still not available and i don’t have the peace for anything i don’t want to let this go without saying a big thank you to everyone who has remembered me with a kind word, a warm thought and so many gestures of love! I am very very grateful and i wouldn’t have been able to go through these months without them. Your support and love meant and means a lot! xxx

Warmest thoughts and best wishes to everyone!