Jason Bell – exhibition – Give up clothes for good

This is just of a tale in images from a drizzly Saturday afternoon ( posted here in more detail as WP is not photo-happy)

Pretty drizzly London afternoon…

Nice space, very poor lighting unfortunately where i saw more of my own reflection on the subjects in the photos..

The Opera Arcade was pretty deserted, though full of pretty things..

and this was my funky carriage, courtesy of London public transport 😉

Here are some of the exhibited photos i managed to find online, all Jason Bell! Sadly the ones i liked most i can’t find online 😦

The missing Benedict photo

Kate Winslet

Jerry Hall

loved this one due to the wood background, unusual colour for a background but works wonders with her blue dress and this is Jason Bell 🙂

Hugh Bonneville in one of my favourite images from the exhibitions, notice how cleverly the let’s beat kids cancer is inserted

also liked this interesting perspective of Elijah Wood! (never mind the nails, look at the eyes!)

Liam Neeson in the set of  4 that i loved most

Internet tells me this is Charlie Hunnam ( sorry i had no clue)… but it’s in the 4 i really liked (how does one make specs of hair appear golden in black and white? fascinating that small detail)

7 thoughts on “Jason Bell – exhibition – Give up clothes for good

    • Trouble is it was only on for Tues- Sat last week , i nearly missed it as they were closing at 4pm and only got there very relaxed at 3,30. There were some stunning photos, i’ve been lazy but maybe i’ll edit and amend with some links to his photos online. Trouble is the ones i liked most in black and white i can’t find online and i’m helpless as i don’t know the names of the actors either (labels!)
      But on my way to amend with images online (slapping own hand for lazy blogging 😉


        • right fixed it, this is the stuff that was in he exhibition and i think you are right! he did the word stage campaign at ROH! which only found out once i googled him proper.
          http://www.jasonbellphoto.com/#/photographer/Archive/Royal Opera House/
          it’s under archives on his page, gorgeous stuff i didn’ t know it was him, especially the ballet dancers ones are amazing with the nature backdrops. Unfortunately it’s just the one of my favourite singers that is off and really not the best, which is strange as his face should photograph really well… no idea what happened there.
          Some of the stuff under archive is amazing, including a portrait of Colin Firth (ehem the PP theme ;-)) which i’d love to hear your thoughts on 🙂

          familiar pose, he? ;-)))


          • Ahhh *phew*. I thought I had completely lost it. (But was too lazy to research :-D)
            Interesting stuff, his photographs of the ballet dancers in nature, completely transposed from the artificiality of the stage into RL. Totally clashes and yet is quite evocative. Finely executed, too. (Not that easy… and demands setting up a load of crap in the middle of nowhere – so a lot of commitment.)
            As for Firth picture: Lovely soft light, exactly the right exposure. I very much like shots where the sitter is pictured in half profile (although this is a bit more than that because of the shadow) and looking down. Yes. Very familiar. Just a little niggle, but in this case I think the sitter is looking down a little bit too much, which makes it more difficult for the viewer to take in the beauty, the detail, the face as such. But that’s just a personal opinion.

            Liked by 1 person

            • wow you think the ballet stuff was done in nature? or maybe i’m just understanding this wrong, i thought they were shopped into nature.. but very cleverly so! but amazing those shots they had them as massive wall- size posters outside the house the Olympic year, loved them but i thought they didn’t pick the best of them having seen the set on his web. And yess on the CF photo, i also have the impulse to tell him to lift his head just a bit. But it is one of the nicest photos i’ve seen of CF. ( sigh makes me want to see more photos of RA in such light… one way track mind, sorry)


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