Berlin glows: Barenboim Beethoven Staatsoper livestream

Because i love this image of Berlin and all those people listening and i think we need more of this. And because Barenboim is so great in understanding the times and reminding people of the important things and bringing them together. Well done Barenboim, well done beautiful Berlin.


#CelebRAtionWithPurpose T-4

Suspense and joy is mounting!! I almost feel compelled to start looking for a birthday cake recipe…

Guylty Pleasure

Including today, it is seven days until the big birthday. High time then, to confirm again that we will celebrate into RA’s birthday. There are indeed a number of fan-led happenings… errrrr… happening to mark RA’s birthday. Apart from a change collection to generate donations, Gratiana suggests passing the time with a ‘Fantasy Birthday Party’. On Twitter, there is a whole Twitter account for the purpose of celebrating the birthday boy – check HERE for updates. Lastly, I am gearing up for the birthday auctions, too. Nice segue…

In fact I’ve spent some time shopping, sewing and photographing for the upcoming fundraiser, and thought I should keep the suspense going by posting an update. You’ve seen the shrines, you know that Sinnamin has donated two plushies, and that a number of other fan items have been donated from far and wide. Also, if you are an observant reader, my…

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Let’s Raise Some Cheers And Some Funds – Celebrating With A Purpose!

Ready, steady and go! Prepare yourselves and make sure you check out the teasers too! For me it will be the annual time of the year where we celebrate good causes and also great theater! More to come 🙂

Guylty Pleasure

Two envelopes stamped in Turkey arrived in my house today. Sent separately by a generous benefactress (who wishes to remain anonymous but is known to me), the envelopes contained two items to go into auction. And their arrival reminded me that it is high time to make it official:

Coming in less than three weeks: The 2017 RA birthday auctions! 

Since we can’t celebrate with Richard, how about we celebrate with a purpose? I know that a great many of you are getting ready to make donations in honour of Richard’s birthday – a great idea and following Richard’s own suggestion. Once again, this year you also have the opportunity to not only do good with a donation – *but* to possibly get something back besides the good feeling of helping those in need: You could bid on (and win) fan items via the birthday auctions, with all…

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Happy and peaceful Easter 

Our mini Easter basket with painted eggs mainly in red but also made some blue, green and yellow ones which are hiding underneath. And some chocolate gianduia ones and a dark chocolate bunny in  woolly jumper of white chocolate to share with my parents. 

We just finished watching mass on tv. 

May there be a peaceful and joyful Easter for everyone!