is hopefully somewhere peaceful, maybe with my mum... 

We listened to Franco and Luciano in the past months.

I remember watching this concert with my parents several times. It's the combination of voice and feeling that always made them so touching i think. 

And he loved listening to her...

Sharing opera performances are probably some of my nicest memories and happiest past times. Maybe, hopefully in time they will be most of my memories. 

22 thoughts on “Dad

  1. Dear Hariclea,

    My deepest sympathy to you at the loss of your dear father. You have certainly had so much to deal with the past several years. After my father died, there was only the loss and the sorrow for a long time, but, eventually, the happy memories came to dominate my thoughts. Take care of yourself now and take time to grieve.

    Hugs to you from New York,

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  2. I’m too sad for you to say anything much, but please know I am thinking of you. I’m sure your father has joined your mother and hopefully they are in the audience of the universe’s most grand opera.

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  3. Liebe Alina – es tut mir so leid! Du hast die letzten drei Jahre Übermenschliches geleistet und für deinen Vater selbstlos und auf die beste Art und Weise gesorgt. Die Lücke wird in nächster Zeit sicher noch unfüllbar und riesig sein. Ich wünsche dir alles, alles Gute und schicke dir Kraft und Zuversicht.

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    • Ganz vielen Dank! ich kann nur sagen ich komme sicher auf diese Gedanken zuruck, es wird nur etwas Zeit dauern biss sicher der Alltag usw wieder etwas normaler anfuhlt. Dicke Umarmung xx


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