Readers will know why

It only took John Proctor and it only takes a few seconds of the trailer to bring all memories back 🙂 Feel free to browse back in the block for all my thoughts back then, still my thoughts now.

And i enjoy listening to him talk about work as much as i like seeing him at work.

And there was this ‘Guy’ 🙂 Truly one of a kind, unforgettable!

And i miss this one a lot as well, used to walk past a mega poster of my favourite spy every day until a couple years ago when we changed buildings.

and there are many more, of course.

Hopefully many more to come as well, on stage, on screen, in our ears 😉 I do crave a character who would accompany us a couple of years at least or who would touch as as deeply as Proctor did. Here’s to complex, relatable characters and may i ask for a writer who can sprinkle a sense of irony and some humour over the character, i really miss that.


2 thoughts on “Readers will know why

  1. And I miss *you*, Hari. Lovely to see you post here, and to know that you still enjoy RA’s work. I just wish this awful pandemic hadn’t struck now – just as we were getting into gear for a lovely “spring of love”… Ah well, good times will come again. Much love!

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  2. Proctor was definitely unforgettable (although lately it’s been Thorin for me). Who knows, maybe you’ll want to rev this blog up a little bit more. With the shut down of the theatre / opera / concert world, though … uch. Doesn’t bear contemplating.

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