Nature and relaxation

It’s an unusually balmy day in London, sun is shining between the clouds and we are promised 15C at lunchtime!

Makes one want to go and relax and reconnect with nature. And i came across this during my grumpy morning coffee and now i feel very relaxed, you should try it too 😀😍😃😂😂

Courtesy Scottish woods and the BBC:


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Dear readers,

you might be wondering if i ever came back from holidays. I did and was hoping for some normality. There still are things i would very much like to write about and hope that sometime soon i will. I’ve also been saving listening to a certain audio book which is now figuratively gathering dust..

But i’ve got 2 of my closest friends in hospital, both with very serious conditions and one possibly for considerable time. One parent in hospital for various treatment adjustments and the other not very mobile left at home. I’ve spent the last of my 2 days holiday for 16/17 mostly on the way to and from or in ACU/ICU etc. And in between trying to spend some time with friends i hadn’t seen in a year.

Work has been going at a hundred miles an hour… and many hours a day, but i’m grateful for it as it keeps me sane at the moment.

Whatever energy is left is being marshaled just to get from one place to another and one day to another and to prevent ending up in some sort of ward myself as there is truly nobody left to pick up the pieces.

I’m forever and more than ever grateful for the 48h in NY last December. We need to grab life with both hands when we can.

The thoughts and impressions and experiences will wait patiently to be written and it looks like we will not be short of things to think and talk and write about in months to come.

Hope the freeze will let up as 100 year old houses don’t provide much warmth. Could do with some sunshine and snowdrops, it’s been years since i’ve seen some.

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