The Twelve Days of Christmas – Day 8 [Raffle]

Today’s raffle and message 🙂 & plea from me too.
Please consider giving what you can to help the children in Syria who are facing harsh winter conditions (see details in message below from UNICEF ambassador Ewan McGregor):


Guylty Pleasure

Play nice. Be fearless. Give Money. Just re-capping here, in case you missed the sermon on the mount. Eh. Flight. Well, I am trying to be nice by fearlessly giving you the winner of yesterday’s Day 7 of the 12DX raffles. On offer was a framed photograph of RA. Thanks for your entries and your nice words. The winner is… Lady Grayse. Congrats!!!! Please send me your address and the securely wrapped frame + pic will go into the post today. I think my post mistresses are already waiting for my daily visit… Draw protocol: click seal on the right.



We have come to the point where I have run out of funky places to leave my little stars on. Big wave to Hedghogess who spotted the senseless fun I was having with my header image… The little things in life, eh?


Talking of little things – today’s is another…

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