LOVEx3 – Rehearsal Series for My Own Amusement

Welcome HP to the blogging world! 🙂
Can’t wait to read what HP’s insights are 🙂 Always fascinated with the process behind what then entrances me so on stage! Or in film. And hoping this too will give me a push to get back to it and share with you some impressions from this year’s theater experiences and more, fingers x


3-2-1… Charity Auctions Are Now On

And the yearly birthday auction has started! 🙂 Look for your pennies and your pounds! It is all for a very good cause!

Guylty Pleasure

It was a long night, but now it is done: The charity auctions in honour of Richard Armitage’s birthday are now up and running over on eBay. After the quick post yesterday which only included my first trial auction (which is nonetheless real and running), let me now give you the full story:

Thanks to some donations from a fellow fan who prefers to remain unnamed, I am auctioning fan items in order to raise funds for charity. This comes off the back of our combined fundraising efforts last year when we donated a massive 1743 USD$ for the Nepal Earthquake Appeal in May and a mind-blowing 2586 USD$ to the Syrian Children’s Fund. That is over 4300 USD$ for good causes! Both donations were made through Save the Children, and I have decided to continue donating to them, in order to bolster the previously made contributions.

The situation for children in Syria is…

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