Dear David about fans and work



David Tennant at BAM Harvey Theater Photo: Emily Assiran for Observer

Article published today i think, very interesting read, while he is doing Richard II on Broadway (his first time in NY with theater if i understand correctly).

David Tennant Resuscitates Shakespeare in Brooklyn

I loved the production, have seen it twice and was curious how it would be received in NY and also hoping he would be ok doing it as he’s sadly recently lost a parent.

(I’m still wading though daily life and work but slowly back on track and i mean to catch up on writing, including a lot of theater, and this year January has definitely been the David Tennant month for me. I was aware he was in NY with the Richard II and was looking for reviews but bumped into this interesting and at the same time recognisable interview – ie his opinions are not surprising to me at this point. So until i get round to posting some stuff of my own i thought this was a nice read).

You can find the full article in the link above, but i like what he said about fans 🙂 and he’s met them even in gym showers 😉 :

‘So between Dr. Who and Jessica Jones and Harry Potter and Shakespearian plays, these are some of the biggest franchises in history. Which fandom is the most crazy-passionate about what they follow? Probably the most…obviously enthusiastic to me are Dr. Who fans, but then I suppose in a way that that’s the franchise that I’ve been most significantly involved with I guess by playing the title character for a number of years. But I certainly wouldn’t use the word “crazy.” It’s a lovely thing to be the representative of. It just means a lot to people and people get passionate about it. And certainly Harry Potter fans can be, too. I suppose I’m certainly more in the periphery of that with one appearance, but I think you know, as hobbies go, as things to spend your free time on go, I can absolutely understand that kind of fandom because I’ve been there myself. That’s more explicable to me than even being a sports fan.

When I’ve gone to the conventions or stuff I have a real affection and warmth for these people, especially ones who feel are sort of misfits in their day life and they get to be included with likeminded people. And a huge joy in that, definitely, an egalitarianism.’

Enjoy! I’ve not seen his Kilgrave yet but definitely plan to once it is more widely available.