releasing some frustration…

with ballet 🙂

I’ve finished listening to ‘Clarissa’ this morning and i am so frustrated i could explode. I’ll let it stew and churn for a bit and once i’ve had a chance to collect the scattered thoughts i’ll let you know what i thought of it. Until then, here is something vastly more satisfying, believe me, you’ll enjoy it! It’s an extract, the version i saw live in the show was slightly longer but this is most of it.

Steve McRae and Ed Watson, as you surely know by now are my favourite principals in the Royal Ballet 🙂  I am in fact going to ballet again tonight, for a repeat of the evening i had a week ago. I loved it so much i HAVE to see it again! So while i am away i want to leave you in good company  🙂 It’s quite likely i have shared this with you before, sorry if this is the case.

Principal of The Royal Ballet Steven McRae performs his tap solo Czárdás with violinist Vasko Vassilev as part of World Ballet Day 2015

Aren’t they fantastic?

In case this is a repeat there is a slightly longer rehearsal of another modern piece i love.

Royal Ballet Artist in Residence Liam Scarlett rehearses his new ballet The Age of Anxiety with dancers Laura Morera, Steven McRae, Bennet Gartside and Tristan Dyer. This piece was just… ‘scrumptious’.. it was fun and sad and melancholic and thoughtful

I’ll talk again about Liam Scarlett, the choreographer, in a few months’ time when we’ll see his new full length ballet, Frankenstein, about which we are all very excited here. Until then the rehearsal for Age of Anxiety. Liam Scarlett sets Leonard Bernstein’s Symphony no.2, ‘The Age of Anxiety’, inspired by W.H. Auden’s epic poem. In a New York bar in wartime four lonely strangers attempt to find spiritual meaning in an industrialized world.

The weekend is here, relax, everyone!