Leading man weekend on Drama TV

Giggles! Ok, i couldn’t resists it 🙂 I swear it’s not my line, that’s what the advert i just watched said quite literally.

My dear friend who introduced me to a certain actor just emailed me this:



This is how he says Hello. According to the article above: ‘That word you’re looking for is “omphhh”.’ No comment!

And i just saw the last minutes of North and South on Drama TV, ggrrr, missed the thing almost entirely! However upon a hasty search through the schedule i struck gold:


I’m sorry, this is UK only, but maybe you can see it online as it is available to watch for 30 days it seems.

And if you have the whole day free, you can also watch Pride and Prejudice again in its entirety as it is just starting: http://drama.uktv.co.uk/tv-guide/

Have a lovely Sunday!



21 thoughts on “Leading man weekend on Drama TV

        • Yes it is nice 🙂 still i’ve decided once i’ve got through work stuff i need to get done i’ll have some Porter. Not in kissy mood, unsurprising since the call this morning to my parents had them fighting at the other end like feral cats.. well, at least they weren’t fighting with me.
          Clarissa will have to wait until tomorrow commute.
          Bafta’s on tonight and i’ll have a look, see what Fry says and if there are any nice frocks and stuff, besides i like to see the ROH all glamorous on TV and think i sit there all the time 🙂


        • Maybe there will come a time, when it’s over and done with this fangirl-stuff about “The Armitage”! But l will love this kiss forever 😉

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  1. N&S is always a click away on my computer for me… 🙂 Ah, and P&P!
    Lovely Buzzfeed article and yes, yes, YES on all those reasons!
    (scurries off to watch episode 4 of N&S before Call the Midwife and BAFTAs begin…)

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