Some days only a warm voice will do

(don’t think this allows me to embed the link, so if the video doesn’t show please click on the link 🙂 )

Sorry for the lack of post! Not yet back on track but soon..

Until then this little thing 🙂

Monday, barely back i went to the Royal Opera House to see Tchaikovsky’s ‘Eugene Onegin’, one of my favourite operas. I not only love the music but also the themes in this opera, love, loss, regrets, development, etc. The characters are beautiful and there is something to enjoy in all.

However, in spite of the brilliant music this was a bit of an average performance, not in the orchestral playing but in the singing. I missed the singers from the premiere, who interpreted everything with much more elegance and sensitivity. Because i missed their voices i went looking for bits of youtube, maybe the Onegin arias sung by them (which i couldn’t find unfortunately) and inevitably ended up with my drug of choice:

  • belcanto
  • not just any belcanto, but Donizettti’s Lucia
  • some of my very favourite voices 🙂

There are a few artists i love a lot and who bring such joy to my soul with their singing and a few of these i haven’t heard in way too long!!

In case you are wondering which one i am talking about it is him:

Ludovic Tezier, French baritone 🙂 (Not that i don’t like Roberto a lot, but this time it is not about a tenor 😉 )

In case you doubt it he is the ‘bad guy’. The evil older brother who marries his sister off in a political alliance. She of course is secretly in love with the tenor 😉 (last heir of a enemy family – this is opera after all). Here the brilliant emotional blackmail scene where he convinces her into the marriage (he’d be finished and would be killed if she doesn’t do it, bla bla bla…):

And here is another aria from Lucia, this time in Italian (Donizetti initially composed the opera in French, but the more commonly played version is the Italian one ):

and ok, a bit more (i can’t resist), from Massenet’s Werther (after the German novel) where he plays Albert, the man Charlotte will marry (not Werther ;-))

So there we go, this warms me up on cold winter days 🙂

(And i can’t wait to hear him again a few months from now in April in Lucia at ROH)

5 thoughts on “Some days only a warm voice will do

  1. Wow! Great voices and performances! I especially love a deep male voice. Sighhh! But the tenors also please me. I like to compare tenor performances, too. Nessum Dorma is one of my favorite songs/arias. And Pavorotti is my fave interpretation there–though Domingo and Bocelli are also enjoyable. And then on the ladies’ side, the Flower Duet written by Delibes is perfection. I do not know opera per se, but some songs/arias are timelessly beautiful.

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