BBC North interviews ‘Urban and the Shed Crew’ creators

Thanks to the wonderful Ali from RichardArmitageNet for capturing this!

BBC North interviews Bernard Hare (writer of the riveting book) and Candida Brady (director of the film) about the film and the Leeds locations. We get to find out a bit more about how the book and film came about, where they filmed and how much Bernard Hare actually got involved with the film 🙂

And we get to see a little clip from the film with some rather well done Yorkshire accents (i should know, one of my best friends is from Yorkshire ;-))

I was hoping for something but i only aimed as high as radio, glad the BBC got it right and caught onto the potential of the film and the story and managed to get the right people in. Chuffed to bits! (secret smile)

May i just say how warm Bernard Hare came across, maybe a man of not many words in front of the camera but i sort of felt the spirit that comes across so well when you read the book (that smile when he mentioned first meeting Greta and through her the kids;-) )

Really good stuff!


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