Noel Gallagher on Desert Island Discs BBC Radio4

It’s a sunny day out there but a bit chilly and a bit of great music seems just the right thing. Who hasn’t heard of Oasis? Or Noel Gallagher? But did you know apart from being a brilliant musician and a straight speaking lad he was also utterly charming?

Trust me this lunch time listening (from a Friday in July) will put a smile on your face:

copyright BBC Desert Island Discs -Noel Gallagher

” Kirsty Young’s castaway this week is the musician, Noel Gallagher.He was the principal songwriter of the band Oasis – his younger brother, Liam was the lead singer. Born to Irish parents, as a child he spent his summers visiting his mother’s family in rural County Mayo, in sharp contrast to the Manchester council estate where they lived. He taught himself to play the guitar and loved music: he was road manager for the Inspiral Carpets before joining Liam in Oasis.Their debut album in 1994 marked the beginning of the band’s rise to fame as part of the Britpop movement. In 1996 they played in front of 250,000 fans over two consecutive nights at Knebworth and following the Labour landslide in 1997, Noel attended what became known as the Cool Britannia party held in Downing Street by Tony Blair. Oasis won six BRIT Awards and two Ivor Novello Awards before disbanding in August 2009.

He’s since formed his own band – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds.

Producer: Cathy Drysdale.”

copyright BBC Desert Island Discs -Noel Gallagher

copyright BBC Desert Island Discs -Noel Gallagher

And if you want to listen to the slightly longer music extracts here is the Link to the BBC site with the interview You’ll find the detailed playlist and his choices in the link too.

and here’s a link to 4 separate clips

copyright BBC Desert Island Discs -Noel Gallagher

Enjoy this northern boy 🙂

7 thoughts on “Noel Gallagher on Desert Island Discs BBC Radio4

  1. Wow, this was really good. Loved it, Hari. He really comes across as a true Northerner – straight-talking, honest, heart of gold. I kind of like him, and I loved his music choices. Thanks for that!

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    • Ikr? he’s so likeable and the interview is a pleasure on so many levels: his accent ;-), the way he is not quite open but very outspoken at the same time, the music is simply great and brings back so many good memories. I like the way he looks forward and carries on.

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    • es macht mehr Spass zuzuhoren als man denken wurde bei Popstars die so bekannt sind und von denen man nicht unbedingt sehr Gutes gehort hat 😉 Aber man versteht viel besser wie so ein Leben passiert wenn man ihm zuhort was er erzahlt 🙂

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  2. I love the way Noel talks! Actually I’m one of those few who know very little about the Bros. Gallagher and their band though I did recognize the song “Wonderwall” when I looked them up on YouTube. Fun to see the younger versions of Liam and Noel in that vid.

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    • yes it is interesting to see how they look upon their wild days 😉 But i love his music choices! And i love the way he talks too, this frankness seems to be a nice trait of people from the North, at least the ones i know 🙂

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