Half-Way Post for #cRAftingForCharity

Mid way through the auction! You still have time to put your contribution in 🙂

Guylty Pleasure

If it hadn’t been for a good cause, I would have felt really bad the last two days for clogging up my esteemed audience’s WordPress reader with my auction posts. They popped up again and again in the reader – and I would like to take the opportunity now to thank all of you who reblogged the auctions, who wrote own posts, who tweeted, reblogged on tumblr, posted on Facebook (and any other platforms?) and commented for spreading the word and being part of this fundraiser. Thank you very much!

Lest you should think I am spamming you again – this post has a purpose. We have now passed the half-way post mark of the auctions. There are another 30 hours to go before they close at 3pm GMT on Tuesday, but I just wanted to give you a little bit of feedback. And yes, I am combining this with…

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