#cRAftingForCharity – in Aid of the Syrian Children’s Relief Fund

And remember the children are the ones who suffer most, so please do your bit! Let’s help make them a bit safer and help take care of them

Guylty Pleasure

It is now five years that the Syrian civil war has been raging. Since 2011, more than half of Syria’s population of roughly 18 million people have been forced to leave their homes – and are either taking the perilous journey across the Mediterranean in search for safety and peace, or have become displaced and vegetate in the squalor of make-shift camps. It is a matter of urgency – and of human compassion – that we help the most innocent victims, the children, whose heart-breaking pictures have been going around the world. I cannot get the image of Aylan Kurdi out of my head – and I never EVER want to see something like his tragic death again. Therefore I would like to pledge the proceeds of the #cRAftingForCharity auctions to the Save the Children appeal for Syrian Child Refugees.

Save the Children Syria Source: Save the Children

Save the Children has been working…

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RA Pocket Shrine 96/? – Skin Galore

if you want to own these cheek- y but-terflies you know what to do, starts tomorrow! 🙂 one for the ages (every age 😉

Guylty Pleasure

Let me start off this RAPS post with a massive thank you to the creatives, producers and writers behind Hannibal. Yes, that’s you, Bryan Fuller. Like everyone else, I feel greatly indebted for your dramatic and styling decisions on the show, when it comes to Francis Dolarhyde. Your decision to have the Red Dragon prance around almost naked most of the time, has provided many a visual to inspire shrine work. In marketing speak sorry, I am just back from one of the biggest marketing events of the digital industry : There is a great DNA match between your aesthetic and the RAPS Inc. requirements. Skin galore! *whoop whoop*. And so it happens that another Dolarhyde shrine easily flowed off the workbench…


The tin was already nicely decorated, and so I left it as is, and only stuck Circusgifs’ fabulous RArmy coat of arms onto the outside.

Right from…

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Essential Armitaging Items in #cRAftingForCharity

with the incoming 5p bag charge who doesn’t need one of these??? 🙂 remember auction starts tomorrow!

Guylty Pleasure

[Due to my travels the pre-auction schedule has been interrupted, sorry. I am hoping to catch up on all my blogging duties today – so expect to see a number of posts going up about the forthcoming auctions – yay, starting tomorrow!! I apologize in advance for all the promotional posts…]

It’s hard to pin down what performance by our dear Mr A has actually been the high-point of his career. Mr Thornton? Thorin? Proctor? Francis Dolarhyde? I think it can be safely said that RA has consistently raised his game from one role to the next, and he really is a winner. I suppose that is also what our resident archeologist, Obscura from AncientArmitage, thought when she designed an essential Armitaging item that will appeal to a) the classicists among us and b) the practical-minded. So pretty much everyone 😉 As one of the two forces behind Spread…

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