Announcement: #cRAftingForCharity Auctions Coming Next Week

While i am all but drowned in work and unable to finish up my Last Night of the Proms post let’s prepare for this great idea of how we can lend a hand for the refugees ūüôā

Guylty Pleasure

After a confusing post a few days ago, which was really only meant to sound out if I may depend on your support, it is now time to *really* ask for your help again, dear friends in our community of Armitage fans. You have proven time and again how generous and compassionate you are, the latest occasion being Mr A‚Äôs birthday when a hint by the birthday boy resulted in several thousands of ¬£¬£ being donated to his latest cause. And you have stepped up to the plate even when it was not a celebrity asking for your kind consideration, but just a fellow fan ‚Äď you supported the RAPS for Charity fundraiser in aid of Nepal back in May with an overwhelming enthusiasm and generosity.

Now your well-wishing capabilities are needed again. This time for the poorest of the poor ‚Äď those, who have left everything behind and‚Ķ

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