Crucible anniversary gift

My preciousssssss

My preciousssssss

On a beautiful green island lives a shrine fairy with a really big heart. Her name is Guylty and she has a special gift of magic: she wriggles her delicate fingers in the air and pufff!!! little magic tins appear. They are full of jewels, toys, memories and love and no matter how often you open the tin the love inside always seems to grow and the jewels always sparkle.

Somehow the fairy knew exactly who this little RAPS was for and because she could also look into the souls of the intended owners and guess all their secret wishes she knew exactly what spells to put inside:

across the Thames from each other, 2 places i love :) Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, there is sparkle in all the right places

across the Thames from each other, 2 places i love 🙂 Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, there is sparkle in all the right places

She knew the places H loved most in the big city on the big river and she felt it was exactly one year ago that H discovered she had room for more in her <3. H had discovered theatre could really be just as exciting as opera courtesy of one tall bearded actor in a ratty shirt. The fairy knew she just had to point to the signs and H would remember that she liked the actor because he could be very serious and passionate about his art but he also had a big heart 🙂

That smile outshines even the glitter-ball

That smile outshines even the glitter-ball

Both H and the fairy had a weakness for black leather so she giggled to herself when she chose the right photo for the shrine. And later, while looking at the RAPS H wiped a secret tear at the memory of tortured Proctor but she suddenly also remembered the warm and calm smile and gentle words the actor responded with when she told him how touched she had been by the play.

The fairy even knew exactly which poster H liked most and magically let it appear on the Old Vic wall which she had shrunk with her potion into the little silver tin. She said to herself: ‘must have lashes, H really likes the lashes!’.

And with a last look at the little treasure chest (‘ggg’):

From the tears on stage to the smiles outside :-) (more sparkle in the right places)

From the tears on stage to the smiles outside 🙂 (more sparkle in the right places)

she thought:’ i think she will have that anniversary celebration after all! ‘

And so she did!!!  When H discovered the magic tin she did a happy dance and thought to herself:’That fairy is really cool, she can guess all your secret wishes better than the genie in a bottle! And i can probably rub the tin just like i would the magic bottle, can’t i?’  😀

24 thoughts on “Crucible anniversary gift

  1. Aw, Hari 🙂 That’s a lovely write-up. You’ve done that perfectly. I should copy and paste it on my blog, and RAPS #90 would be covered.
    I am happy if the shrine meets your requirements. It was long overdue, as this is the little thank-you shrine for your support of the charity auctions, as well as all your other contributions. On that note – I should get a little post out letting people know that I have the badges again.

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    • I only wish the creativity of the fairy was contagious! Oh how cool this is a round number RAPS 🙂
      Honestly i kept thinking about it and was always unable to pick a few of the Crucible impressions, it all just seemed so huge and complex and yet, there it is, the essence of the whole experience distilled right there, with nothing missing and a few extras on top! 🙂
      And it has a cheeky smile to it as well 😉 xx


      • I think the creativity is contagious. And I am not talking about my creativity but about RA’s. Just look how he inspires you (and me and so many others) to write extensively. That is creativity, too.
        As regards picking a picture from the Crucible – yes, there was a lot of material to choose from. But I wanted something that a) I hadn’t used before and b) was a friendly-ish face. So no screaming close-ups. The open shirt with the bit of hairy chestitage was a definite bonus, though 😀

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        • We must be thankful to him for spreading all his gifts so generously then 🙂 And you are right, the screaming is branded in my ears and head, we don’t need images to remind us of that. Though i love the bit we see of Proctor’s extended arms in that pose of despair &vulnerability. And he really did manage to provide in person on the dark street in front of the stage door a soothing and friendly counterpoint to the emotional upheaval we lived through for 3 1/2 hs inside the theatre.
          It all just keeps on giving in the most surprising ways 🙂


  2. was für ein wunderschöner shrine UND ein so tolles Andenken an (fast?) letztes Jahr an dem Du Monsignore zum ersten Mal getroffen hast ❤
    perfekt komponiert und genau und nur für Dich! Klasse ❤
    Und mit Lederjacke, ich kriege mich gar nicht mehr ein 🙂

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    • genau genommen ist das f2f am Sonntag 1 Jahr her, aber die erste Vorstellung hatte ich schon vorher gesehen also passt es eigentlich auf das Jahr 🙂 Und ja das wirklich perfekte Andenken an den wunderschonen und etwas verruckten Sommer 🙂

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  3. Magical, charming and touching… this is one of my favorite shrines just for the look on his face in the Old Vic vignette. I love the way this little treasure box “enshrines” a friendship made through the enchantment of fandom.

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    • yes, all that ❤ inside the shrine, friendship is a big part of what makes it so special 🙂 I like both photos as they capture so many facets! He'd look even sterner down there if he knew he'd been 'sparkled up' a bit 😀

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  5. I’m not crying, you’re crying! (It’s so beautiful and I’m very happy for you. Guylty had an instant spell put on her when she married her Irish Standring; now she has fairy blood running through her veins!) Thanks for writing this lovely post.

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