Ageing beautifully

‘Retirement is a bit like dying. You know you’re going to die, but you don’t stop what you are doing because of that,’ says Edward Watson. Photograph: Nadav Kander for the Observer

Last year i thought a lot of ageing and what it means and what it does to my body, this year it is not at all an issue or rather i have a different view about it and age per se is no longer a priority or even something i think about; strange how something that seems a hurdle can end up being very liberating when crossed 🙂

But i’m not a ballet dancer! In their case age and how the body changes with it is a much more vital issue. But it seems it can be liberating too, according to this fascinating article in the Guardian.

Wendy Whelan and Edward Watson rehearse Other Stories at the Royal Opera House in London. Photograph: Nadav Kander for the Observer

Whelan/Watson: Other Stories  will be i’m hoping one of the highlights of my year, i’m looking forward to seeing them dance next Sunday (details in the link included in the title of the works).  Wendy Whelan, one of America’s greatest ballerinas, ex NY City Ballet, is joining our own Ed Watson for a unique ballet project and it will be an incredible privilege to see them dance together.

‘I started dancing at three, but it was only when I reached 12 that they found I had curvature of the spine,’ says Wendy Whelan. Photograph: Nadav Kander for the Observer

But there is another reason i’ve been meaning to talk again about Watson. Not only has he changed my view of ballet dancers but he is still an inspiration every time i see him dance. He makes me forget it is dancing, makes me forget steps and such things and all i see is a character, a person, an expression of feelings and emotions. He is the best actor dancer i have ever seen live and i am always glad to read or hear he still plans to go on for a few more years as i know i’ll feel bereft of a lot of beauty when he will no longer be on stage. But thankfully that is still many years away 🙂

And although this is old news by now i have to say massive Congratulations for the MBE the Royal Ballet principal dancer has been awarded in this year’s Queen’s Birthday Honours. The recognition is so well deserved and for me he is the perfect expression of why dancing is so much more than technique.

Edward Watson in Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake for Sampling The Myth, The Royal Ballet © ROH/ Alice Pennefather

I know this is not a substantive post 🙂 But i wanted to celebrate one of the artists i find incredibly inspiring and remember thus one of the reasons why i like living in London. It’s been a week of harsh realities and you come to question if it is all worth it and if living here isn’t just simply crazy…

But Ed Watson is one of the pleasures life in London brings with it and i really wanted to remember the positives 🙂 So here he is, one more photo (more to be found in the gallery for the Guardian article and the ROH news article linked above for your enjoyment).

Edward Watson Photograph: Nadav Kander for the Observer

Thanks Ed for being the dancer that you are, can’t wait for Sunday 🙂

8 thoughts on “Ageing beautifully

  1. Die Fotos sehen unglaublich aus! Da möchte man direkt Karten kaufen und teilnehmen, Ballett kann so wunderschön sein 🙂 Und Du darfst das im Original sehen? Doch das ist es wert, glaube mir, Du lebst schon in einer sehr prickelnden und faszinierenden Stadt!


    • sorry i have es verpasst zu antworten! und ja den hab ich Sonntag gesehen, es war alles sehr modern, Erzahlungen mit Ballet uber Liebe und Verletzlichkeit, sehr schon, sehr agressiv manchmal, sehr sensuell und beeindruckend. Und mit Ed wurde ich jederzeit Tango tanzen hust hust 😉


    • It was stunning and i liked the expression of love and suffering and relationships and vulnerability. I also realised quite surprised that i seem to have a certain body type that appeals to me and at a certain moment i think i saw what R would have looked like had he gone on to become a dancer, in fact i could imagine him dance quite a lot of what i’ve seen, Ed and him share many similarities in their bodies, in a very nice way 🙂 Und als er dann in einem Moment dieser Vulnerabilitatsdarstellung die Hullen fallen lies und wir seinen Tanzerkorper von hinten bewundern konnten war die Ahnlichkeit direkt verbluffend.. oder mein Gehirn spielt mit mir 😉


  2. Thank you for the beautiful photos. The Swan photo took my breath away! I’m sure it is difficult for dancers, knowing that their dancing days are limited and noticing those little signs that they can’t do what they used to. But what a gift to have that physical potential in the first place.

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    • It must be difficult, it was fascinating to see Ed dance as he’s had a minor surgery done on his foot ( dancer’s feet deform in time due to stress and constant hard use and sometimes especially tension releasing interventions are necessary) and he’s said in recent interviews he felt 10 years younger. He danced like he was it, you could literally see in his dance the feeling of being liberated and rejuvenated and given his skills it’s such a pleasure to see him enjoy his artistic powers. He is stunning and i had to smirk when he let us see that and a lot of him without any inhibitions, it was a celebration of a dancer’s powers 🙂

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