Blogger lost in the highlands….

I’m laptop-less, with potentially/maybe? WI-FI and Scotland bound.

I hope to see some of these… in fact i hope to be met when i am back ‘home’ (well it was for a few wonderful years) in Edinburgh by the lone piper just off Waverley station and by the smell of whisky distilling 🙂

It will be a short week but i hope to pump as much fresh air in my lungs as i can  😉

And don’t get all soppy at the idea of kilts and such, it is not Outlander out there! Men in kilts were part of life in Edi, fancy if at weddings, but the everyday variety which i mostly bumped into a rugby matches (which i loved going to!) is pretty much like this 🙂 :

Although my friends are encouraging me to run off with a Ewan McGregor type in kilt should i bump into one… LOL i shall certainly endeavour to find either the man himself (supposed to be presenting himself as Jesus at Edi film festival in a couple of weeks ) or his clone 😉

Ewan McGregor in Last Days in the Desert (never ages this one)

Jokes aside, Scotland is so much more than the Scott (as in Walter) inspired country of beautiful scenery and romantic castles and men in kilts. This is a good article to start you off about modern times Scotland:

I love both the romantic scenery and the modern day grittiness. And i can’t wait to be back in food heaven, especially the best fresh fish i ever had!

But, don’t think i am rubbing it in. Spare me some thoughts full of pity ( seriously 😉 ), please watch a preview greeting  message from Inverness :

I’ll be spending most of the week around Inverness, Isle of Skye, Outer Hebrides, etc and the forecast is: max!!! 11-13 C , effectively due to wind feeling like 8-9C and rain, rain, rain, rain… It’s the 1st of June.

Whisky please! slàinte!

click for more on the golden stuff


12 thoughts on “Blogger lost in the highlands….

    • Thank you 🙂 hottie sorely missing… actually any kind of hot! We went out to buy woolly jumpers yo add layers. Wearing todau: vest, cashmere jumper, fleece jacket and water tight windbreaker jacket on top. Still cool.. oh well maybe better luck tomorrow still only 11 C


  1. Ooooh, drink a Talisker on me, Hari – the one Scotch that I *really* love (not a fan of the peaty stuff, otherwise – I prefer the soft Irish variety…). I have not been in Scotland apart from a weekend in E’burgh, so am very curious to see what you will be telling us when you get back. Oh, and enjoy the time without wifi and laptop – to be cherished!!!

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    • Wifing a bit at hotel before bed knackered! It is very green round here ans there are many many round and well padded sheep 😉 just like in vid today honestly We saw snow on mountain tops all the journey and i c aw hear seagulls from hotel room and see snow on mountain tops.. in June! Wearing today and tomorrow 4 layers. But looking forward to the isle of Skye tomorrow


  2. Wunderschöne Bilder vom Dudelsackspieler! So einen hatten wir auch auf dem Weg nach Skye und am Regen darf man sich in Schottland ja nicht stören! Hoffe Du erholst DIch gut in der frischen Luft und der Husten ist endgültig weg? gekillt vom Whisky 🙂

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  3. Ah Scotland, beautiful. Edinburgh is a lovely city, with or without rain.
    Have you read books by Robert Macfarlane? The old ways and The last wilderness about nature, walking and the human mind are amazing books. He writes about his visit to The Outer Hebrides (and since you are going there…).
    Enjoy your stay in Scotland!

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