Photographic excuse

Nikolai Bakharev, Unintitled #14 from the series Relations, 1980, MAMM, Moscow, Collection of the House of Photography Museum

Somehow this image was beautiful enough to post, or at least it is beautiful to me. It reminded me of the holidays spent at the sea side when i was young and there are a few similar to this one of my parents and me, in black and white from those times.

I’m back in London at the moment, but it has been a strange couple of weeks, with more travel than i have done in a year. Family is back to stable and for that i am thankful, but it has been scary time with increasing worries about their health, distance and so on. It brings back many memories of my childhood as well, good ones but it also makes the present a bit sad. I wonder if we enjoyed those times as much as we should have, i worry about the times ahead and wish for impossible things to make them better… It feels too early for the good times to be in the past. And it seems at a distance all we do is worry about each other. Within reason that is and not surprisingly since barely they were back to ok i caught the flu and lay flat. Back to work at the moment but more out of necessity than will.

But all i wanted this weekend was my bed.. over the last few week all i had were tickets that got returned to the theatres and opera houses and there will be more as i’m back to some business travel in 2 weeks from now. Last week’s exhausting 10-11h slug a day reminded me of what my life used to be like until a few years ago. And made me wonder how i kept it up for the years that i did. I used to thrive on travel and new places but this time all i craved was a decent night’s sleep back in my own bed within my own walls, speaking English or rather not speaking at all. I admire people who work in call centres, how do they keep the energy up? After hours of talking to people, trying to understand what they do, pay attention, digest the information, be ‘on’ all the time and in a foreign language all i wanted was silence.

I remembered why i missed out on years of TV and film because once again i didn’t even look for the TV remote for the whole week. And i realised i’ve become a spoiled brat where food is concerned living in London! One week of just 2 choices of places to eat and limited budget drove me to utter frustration. I can’t believe how much i’ve taken accessible variety of food for granted… It may seem silly to complain but when you work all day and all you see is an office and the hotel, food becomes the only distraction in the day and its importance increases exponentially! And food places are places to interact with the locals too, which i have always enjoyed. I’ve travelled alone very often and have never been bothered by the fact. The experience has almost always been very pleasant 🙂 And exercising one’s language muscles is always a bonus. This was one case where i was happy not to be alone and have somebody else to talk to as the locals were everything but welcoming. Bit sad, as one of the pleasures of travel is to try and integrate for a short while, do what the locals do 🙂

But it wasn’t all bad, turns out the local cantine at the office had the best fresh croissants i have ever eaten, certified by the locals as well, and the advantage of the early riser was that we always got in before the cue formed.

little comforts come in simple packages sometimes: freshly baked croissant with 70% fruit apricot jam! yum!

In other thoughts, it has been spring around here, i just have to find the right theme so i can show you pics of flowers 😉 Doesn’t really fit with the moaning theme, all to frequent around here lately, apologies!

I hope this virus will go away soon, same for the business travel, so i can have more time to myself for music and theatre and film projects and more unproductive musing rather than moaning. Sorry this is a long and not very useful or informative post. I just wanted to share an update, even if not much substance in it. I’m not short on interest by any means, just a bit lacking in time and energy.


The image above is from one of the 4 nominees for this year’s Deutsche Börse Photography Prize: Nikolai Bakharev, Zanele Muholi, Viviane Sassen, Mikhael Subotzky & Patrick Waterhouse. The exhibition with the works of the 4 nominees can be seen at the Photographer’s Gallery in London for free until the 7th of June and the prize winner is announced on the 28th of May.

I’ll leave you with another interesting picture from a nominee below.

Coil, from the series Soil, 2014 © Viviane Sassen

There is a good review of the exhibition in the Guardian. I hope to be able to visit it soon..