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Tube station hello

Tube station hello

Yesterday i felt a bit too sad to post this phone snap… Yes, i admit i had this lovely idea of RA decked out in evening wear attending the celebration with his peers and just getting Β the well deserved praise for his extraordinary Proctor in person.

But it can’t be, as more good work is actually happening pretty far away. Double pity as i think it will be a really nice and warm weekend in London…

Not that i am even close, i too am missing out on the excitement of being thereabouts and living it out as it happens. Away to see family at the moment but it seems like even as i was leaving i was being reminded of it! This is taken around 5am in the tube station where i picked up my train to Heathrow… I was trying not to fall asleep on my feet and dragging my suitcase behind me … realised i had a near 20 min wait for the first tube i sighed and turned around looking for a place to sit and saw this! It is absolutely massive, hope even the blurry phone pic manages to convey that.

I saw several on my way, far out from town centre, it is a big deal πŸ™‚

I meant to bring you some more substantial posts full of RA love these days but unfortunately things are not really going as i hoped at the moment, all my energies have to be with family.

But at least i have the time to remind myself, regardless of what will be the outcome of tomorrow night, that the Crucible changed my life and many other peoples’, that it was praised and appreciated everywhere in London, press and critics raved about it, the audiences smiled and sighed and cried through it and gave it many standing ovations.

It was so well received that the play has been nominated for an Olivier and he will always know that this is what the professional world thought of his Proctor (Olivier nomination wording):

“Richard Armitage for The Crucible at Old Vic

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    • yes, i know we all miss seeing him, especially in a celebration of his work. I thought better to try and recapture the excitement and joy of the nomination πŸ™‚ Thanks for the thoughts, holding on.

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  2. Well said..The Crucible has affected many of those who saw it, either live or as the digital download that I own and have watched several times..It is a powerful, intense play, super charged with emotion with Richard Armitage at the helm of an outstanding cast…I have been deeply moved every time I view it, I am riveted to Mr. Armitage the second he comes on stage…He has a presence both on screen and on stage that draws you to him and keeps you there…He was superb in the role of John Proctor, strong and powerful…I would love to see him win the Olivier even with the chances being slim to none, or so I hear …..An upset win would be grand..Love this gracious man and all he does

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    • thanks, it really helped being able to share around here and hear back from everyone! xxx i will always cherish the joy of the nomination and on the positive side all this stuff ignited new interest for me in theatre so it’s good

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  3. Sending warm thoughts your way and hoping all will be well.
    As a fan of One who is continually overlooked in the awards department, I can sympathize, and yet the truly precious thing is the knowledge of how good he is. Nothing, not even an Olivier if and when it comes, can compare to that πŸ™‚


    • Thanks a mill, ups and downs but it helped that i could make a difference and keep busy and not just stew and worry from afar. x
      As to awards yes, i think these ups and downs brought me back full circle, they matter somewhat but it is not the end all, they all the wonderful actors we love and enjoy watching so much, regardless of any awards. And getting into the hype reignited my interest in theatre, well, the Crucible did that for me to be honest, but stuff like this keeps it going sometimes when i struggle for time and push myself to still do things πŸ™‚ The joy i’ve had in watching them live cannot be beaten πŸ™‚

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  4. Oh Hari, I didn’t realize that there was occasion for worry on the home front. I hope you and family are ok, and I am thinking of you, sending you some positive vibes. As much as distraction is often needed, maybe it is a good thing that you won’t be sidetracked by the attendance of RA at the Olivier Awards. With the short time you have at home, it would be a shame to spend it on the few glimpses that such events afford us of the stars… Hugs and love!

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    • Thanks hon i didn’t have time for an email to alert why i might be only little online these days. I didn’t have time during the day as keeping things here going, so far ok. It’s been a blessing in the distress that i came when i did and i felt i really did make a difference rather than worrying from afar which would have driven me nuts.
      Unfortunately have trouble going to sleep so spending time here at the end of the day has been very good.
      The Olivier absence was a downer in that context because i was just looking forward to dip into the excitement at the end of the day, but i just reminded myself that i’ve had as much excitement i can possibly wish for many months last summer and it still keeps on giving πŸ™‚ Shouldn’t be too greedy πŸ™‚
      Thanks for the ❀ it has been much felt from everyone here, i'm feeling very grateful and it has sort of kept me focused on practical stuff and getting things done rather than freezing and thinking bad thoughts xxx

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      • I am glad you were able to go home and be a good influence due to your presence. Sorry to read that you feel insomniac – I can well understand how worry manifests itself in sleepless nights, or a light slumber that is easily interrupted. The internet is a god-send for such occasions – instant distraction. Hope the remaining couple of days will be good.

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        • yes, though wish i’d said in my head sod awards, well i always used to say that, i made an exception this year πŸ˜‰ Will go back to my usual ‘can’t be bothered’ πŸ˜‰ all my favourites lost!


          • I know, I know. I kind of expected Strong to win. I don’t think RA’s time has come yet. He may need to get another play under his belt, or some serious exposure among critics for a role in a critically acclaimed independent movie. Urban? Sleepwalker? Something home-grown. I know that film is not part of the Oliviers, but I think it makes a subtle difference. Anyhow, not that *I* know anything about this… Plus, I still think it was a major recognition and validation of his talents to be nominated at all.

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            • yes i think i am not that gutted because a nomination is all i was aiming for in my mind. I too think he still needs to do more theatre in London, more British film in general to increase his clout locally, it is always like that. Look at my curly one, he rules the world, but he’s been 2, or even 3rd time unlucky now loosing to the only other nominee, a local director! And what about James McA, 3rd time unlucky.. that feels a bit unfair i have to say it. But at least i’ve said my piece about that before the awards, so it is not sour grapes, it is simply how i felt about the performances i saw.
              I think the V ftB was favourite because of the type of modern theatre it represents. I agree it was new and outstanding. But having now seen two Jamie Lloyd productions i also think there is home-grown talent in dragging theatre into fresher takes.
              I also don’t think R expected to win, well there is always a good chance but you know what i mean.
              oh well, never mind, with all these good people who i love seeing live and on stage and on screen, on to more of the good work you all do so i can keep bankrupting myself watching you πŸ™‚

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