There in thought…

Tube station hello

Tube station hello

Yesterday i felt a bit too sad to post this phone snap… Yes, i admit i had this lovely idea of RA decked out in evening wear attending the celebration with his peers and just getting ย the well deserved praise for his extraordinary Proctor in person.

But it can’t be, as more good work is actually happening pretty far away. Double pity as i think it will be a really nice and warm weekend in London…

Not that i am even close, i too am missing out on the excitement of being thereabouts and living it out as it happens. Away to see family at the moment but it seems like even as i was leaving i was being reminded of it! This is taken around 5am in the tube station where i picked up my train to Heathrow… I was trying not to fall asleep on my feet and dragging my suitcase behind me … realised i had a near 20 min wait for the first tube i sighed and turned around looking for a place to sit and saw this! It is absolutely massive, hope even the blurry phone pic manages to convey that.

I saw several on my way, far out from town centre, it is a big deal ๐Ÿ™‚

I meant to bring you some more substantial posts full of RA love these days but unfortunately things are not really going as i hoped at the moment, all my energies have to be with family.

But at least i have the time to remind myself, regardless of what will be the outcome of tomorrow night, that the Crucible changed my life and many other peoples’, that it was praised and appreciated everywhere in London, press and critics raved about it, the audiences smiled and sighed and cried through it and gave it many standing ovations.

It was so well received that the play has been nominated for an Olivier and he will always know that this is what the professional world thought of his Proctor (Olivier nomination wording):

“Richard Armitage for The Crucible at Old Vic