Conversations with Ewan McGregor

From one Scot to another 😉 I was thinking about this vid from the Screen Actors Guild Foundation this very morning on my way to work on the bus and really craving to see it again. It is 2 hours long but i remember watching it in one go nearly without blinking. It’s a fascinating tale of theatre life and becoming an actor and what acting means and so on, definitely worth a watch even if you are not a fan of Ewan. He talks about his professions, his life and films but also a lot of about emotions, his emotions and about love and how important it is.

I’ve always liked him, for his acting and his many projects and his support for Unicef and so on. These days he seems to spend more time being a dad to quite a big family 😉 but there are always new projects. I just found out he’s just played .. Jesus!

Must remember to look our for this 🙂

So, while we’re waiting for Sunday and getting ever more nervous, this i guarantee you will be a perfect 2 hours spent hearing fascinating stories about theatre and film. Enjoy!