Happy Easter & Passover to everyone

Hope you all have a relaxed and peaceful time with family and friends 🙂 My Easter isn’t until next week and i’ll be looking forward to doing all Eastery things then 🙂

Since you may be wondering how one can have Easter on different dates, well as you probably imagine it is all a matter of which calendar you use 🙂 Julian vs Gregorian calendar that is.


13 thoughts on “Happy Easter & Passover to everyone

    • Thank you very much 🙂 i love these painted eggs, one of the few material reminders of home that i actually have (not big on keeping things). I should have taken a picture of my ones really as they are more colourful, will remind myself to do that.


    • oh i can only do one colour and some leafy tricks i learned at school. This is supposed to be done with a needle and is a work of a lot of patience, it’s typically done my nuns and a few artisans 🙂 No surprise there, but i love them! such fragile beauty 🙂

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    • Thanks very much! it is fun to celebrate twice, when i still lived at home we always did Easter 2x as half my family is orthodox and 1/2 catholic. And my great great grandma was Jewish, according to my dad i’ve got that going on too… 🙂 I guess in our family it is more about customs and cooking and eating together and those things than religious things primarily 🙂


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