The Hobbit BOTFA Premiere – Part 2 – Hat-trick

Guylty’s account of the London ‘green’ carpet and her lovely photos of the OOA! Enjoy!

Guylty Pleasure

Let’s forget the Dunn School of Marketing for a moment. I know what you have been waiting for – the booty. You shall see said booty in this post, accompanied by a few more comments on the whole procedure of the red green carpet. The hat-trick has been done. And yet the third Hobbit premiere did not really become the ultimate that I had hoped it would be, mainly because there was less booty than I had hoped (see yesterday’s Part 1). But that doesn’t take away from the fact that this journey that started in the spring of 2012 has been hugely fun, majorly inspirational and personally fulfilling. And it is blessing me ever more with hindsight… You’ll see what I mean when you read my post. But without any further ado, here are the images.

This is the closest Mr A came to us:

IMG_9885IMG_9884IMG_9886The last image…

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