Thorin – The King i’d follow

Thorin - just arrived :-)

Thorin – just arrived 🙂

Business travel can get pretty boring, especially nights in hotels. So, since i’d finally gotten the AUJ extended edition i took it with me and watched it last night, with the result of being totally entRAnced with Thorin!

And look who was with me!! (ok, time to kill can amount to a bit of silly fun as well 😉 )

Thorin’s not a man of many words and more often than not his words burst out of inner conflicts and heavy burdens. But Thorin’s actions speak louder and firmer than all words. Within a few hours of knowing him, I felt he had become my hero, a true king of his people, a leader to follow. Whatever he may grumble about, his protective instincts never falter;  he’s the first to grab Balin from in front of the dragon fire, he’s the first to throw himself down the precipice to grab a falling Bilbo, he will lead his people in battle in the quest to reclaim a lost home, he will never bow down in front of Azog or anyone else, even at the risk of his own life.

The image of ‘my’ king which will forever stay with me and still makes my breath hitch, my heart beat faster and my eyes shine is that of Thorin, blood spattered and bruised,  sword in hand, eyes blazing, hair whipping in the wind charging full force against Azog!

or in this case trying out the pillow and finding it rather soft for his liking :-D

or in this case trying out the pillow and finding it rather soft for his liking 😀

Those fight scenes really are majestic! Especially the one where he runs down from the tree towards Azog! Tell me your heart didn’t stop right there and then! There is something incredible in the speed with which he swings his sword and twirls deadly 360′, those are some beautifully choreographed battle moves. And not many can still look riveting and frightening while shouting Du bekar!!! at the top of their lungs! (shiny teeth moment :-p  let’s put it down to the rest of him being utterly grimy ;-))

But there is so much more as well, like the hope in his face when he sees Thranduil in the distance while being chased by the dragon  and the play from disappointment to spite and then utter determination to make it, all that in just a few seconds!

Or the momentary smirk in Rivendale when he said his father never mentioned Lord Elron to him! Such a pleasure to see that face relax from the grim preoccupied look 🙂

Or how majestic and elegantly he rides!

Not a patient photo subject his majesty :-p thumping into the pillow he was mumbling something under his breath that i cannot repeat :-p

Not a patient photo subject his majesty :-p thumping into the pillow he was mumbling something under his breath that i cannot repeat :-p

And then seeing him being dragged away in the eagle’s claws, apparently dead, with eyes closed and hair flowing freely in the air… whoever thought of that image was both cruel and very clever! leading up to the crowning glory, Thorin pulling himself up and starting apparently angrily towards Bilbo only to end in a grateful embrace and .. SMILING!!! a smile with the brilliance of the Arkenstone! 🙂

Best hotel night in a while thanks to AUJ & the King 🙂 Can’ wait for December 1st!!!!!

Off to give him a well deserved hug!

Off to give him a well deserved hug!

Nighty night everyone 🙂


4 thoughts on “Thorin – The King i’d follow

  1. Oh, how I love the way you write 🙂 I thoroughly enjoyed your blog post …. I was smiling from ear to ear and nodding my head in agreement.


    • well, wasn’t terribly coherent but it was fun to just drop things in there and i really enjoyed AUJ, i think overall maybe even more than DOS, but that’s normal too i guess, it gets darker and darker as we approach the end…


  2. Guten Morgen, du bist ja geradezu im schwärmerischen Modus 🙂
    Kein Wunder! Wenn der king under the mountain auf deine Kissen posiert 😉
    Ich hoffe, ihr hattet eine schöne Nacht ihr zwei 😛

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    • Kicher… na ja, sie war ziemlich kurz! 😀
      Und ich hatte nicht erwartet dass mit AUJ so sehr gefallt! da ist echt viel los und die 3 Stunden sind im Flug vergangen und Thorin ist echt soo heroisch und diese vom Wind verwehten Haare und es gibt sogar 2 Lacheln!! na ja eins ist mehr ein ironisches Grinsen, aber immerhin :-))

      Zum Gluck war mein King sauber, stell dir vor der echte hatte sich auf den weissen Laken ausgestreckt!!!! 😎 wie hatte ich die Flecken auf den Laken erklaren konnen?????? :-p


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