Meeting Mr Thornton

placeholder 🙂 Because yes, i just did, last night…

But unfortunately i have to work during the day and i managed to book myself solid in the evenings for the next 3 days. Sometimes i forget i’m not 20 anymore… Tonight Jamie Parker’s silken warm voice will sing from musicals at the Pheasantry, tomorrow night is Elektra press night at the Old Vic (first time back, glups.. apprehension!) and Thursday night i’m at the ROH watching Il barbiere di Siviglia , which is one of my all time favourite operas and the cast is full of lovely young singers i’ve not heard before.  All this will prevent me from continuing to watch North&South, but that is actually just right. I like to wait 🙂 But fear not, i’ll try not to leave everyone hanging for the whole week, i just want to re-watch some scenes and let the impressions settle and i’ll spill.

Until soon then and sorry for the tease 😉

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11 thoughts on “Meeting Mr Thornton

  1. Sounds like a very impressive programme of events. Very inspiring, I must say. I am trying to be more active myself, too, now that my hunger for theatricals and performance of any kind has been rekindled. Went to a wonderful talk about art this evening. I really need to get out of the house more. Because Mr Thornton et al will be waiting, regardless. Keep enjoying N&S. RA is really wonderful in it.

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    • Talk sounds exciting, what was it about?
      I know sometimes i overdo it, like this week when i booked separately and then realised i had done it back to back. But it’s only possible on the cheap tonight was £20 and well worth it, Elektra press night was discounted to £15 which is why i grabbed it and Thursday is £10.

      I’m reorganising what i do at the moment but a lot of stuff is booked many months in advance and then things accumulate suddenly. I’ll be ko by Friday and my mind will be a mess as well due to what the stuff is. I’ve made a commitment following the Crucible to pursue more diverse things and to challenge myself and this is a bit the outcome of that. I’ll find a better balance in time. It’s something i do want to write about, what arts means to me or i thought it meant and how that view changed as a result of the Crucible. I hope i can stick with my commitment 🙂
      You are right to live stuff and interaction beats canned, or rather we have to grab it when it comes along and it’s not always at the best of times and then other things have to temporarily wait. Yep, definitely a subject i hope we can pick up and talk about some more soon 😉


  2. Was für ein Klassik-Overkill! Fantastisch. Da weisst du am Ende der Woche doch, warum du über N&S einschläfst (nein Quatsch natürlich). In die Oper käme ich gerne mit. Rossini ist fein. Ganz viel Spass!

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