‘Armitaged’ and dealing with it

They say it is good to expand your vocabulary. Well, I’ve just learned and dutifully applied a new adjective: ‘armitaged’. 🙂

Couple of days after the end of the Crucible i still find myself wanting to head over to the Old Vic in the evening… so instead i headed into town for a bit of Schubert and poetry. He’s not normally my favourite composer, i like the more darker ironic style by Wolf and Schumann’s songs on Heine poems. But he fit right into the melancholy that seems to linger around this week and i think wallowing a bit in it is not soooo bad (for a little while anyway;-) ).

I love the piano in this one … (the wanderer to the moon) 

It’s strange i go about work and daily stuff and every now and then i bump into something or an image just flashes through my mind and i remember it all over again.

But hey, one image is never enough, so why don’t we indulge in a bit of a fest, courtesy of Glady (thanks very much for the collection!)

And there we go, all ‘armitaged’ again 🙂

For today the dealing method has been music, so let’s slip into the night with one of Schubert’s that i really really like (The stars):

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